Matisse and the Fauves

The Albertina presents around 160 works by Henri Matisse and other artists from the short-lived avant garde movement known as the Fauves (wild animals).

Founded in Paris in the early 20th century by Matisse along with Maurice de Vlaminck and Georges Braque, the Fauvists were more concerned about expression and less about the subject contained in their work which was characterised by strong colours.

At the time the general public was unsympathetic to what it viewed as overly-luminous, even slap-dash paintings, however the movement soon gained the recognition it deserved.

Many of the Fauvists' most famous paintings, bronzes, ceramics, stone sculpture and even furniture are on display in the Albertina exhibition which highlights how Matisse and the movement's artists strived for expression and intensity in their work.


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Address Albertina, Albertinaplatz 1, tel. +43153483.

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Matisse and the Fauves

Albertina, Albertinaplatz 1, tel. +43153483.