Kenneth Clark - Looking for Civilisation

The Tate Britain celebrates the life and work of influential British art expert Kenneth Clark (1903–1983), whose landmark television series Civilisation brought 20th-century art to a mass audience in 1969.

The roughly 200 objects on display reflect his refined but eclectic collection which he described as the diary of his life.

Exhibited works include drawings by Da Vinci, sculpture by Moore and paintings by artists ranging from Constable to Cézanne.

The exhibition pays tribute to a man who believed that art was for everyone and not the preserve of the elite.

It examines his role as collector, art historian, public servant and broadcaster, as well as focusing on how his extensive patronage of British artists shaped Britain's modern art history.


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Address Tate Britain, Millbank, tel. +44(0)2078878888.

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Kenneth Clark - Looking for Civilisation

Tate Britain, Millbank, tel. +44(0)2078878888.

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