6 October - 20 November 2010. As part of the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival, the Abbey Theatre presents John Gabriel Borkman, in a reworking of Henrik Ibsen's claustrophobic tale by Frank McGuinness.

Once a well respected and powerful banking director, in his earlier life Borkman traded his love for financial success. When he loses his fortune, rendering him disgraced and plotting his comeback, his wife Gunhild pins her family's hopes on their son.

Everything changes with the sudden arrival of Gunhild's twin sister, the woman whose love Borkman spurned all those years ago. Starring Alan Rickman, Fiona Shaw and Lindsay Duncan.

Mon-Sat: 19.30. Sat: 14.00

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Address Abbey Theatre, 26 Abbey St, Dublin 1, tel. +353(0)18872200.

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John Gabriel Borkman

Abbey Theatre, 26 Abbey St, Dublin 1, tel. +353(0)18872200.