Jazzfest Berlin

Berlin Jazz Festival. This year the festival, which has been held in Berlin for the last 40 years, also has an African emphasis.

With Gnawa Jazz Voodoo European trends combine with ancient north African Gnawa, a mix of spiritual Islamic music and rhythms, and the oral west African Griot tradition. It is developed by pianist Joachim Kuhn and features saxophonist Pharoah Sanders and trumpeter Christian Scott, who refers to “stretch music”, which stretches from his home-town New Orleans, to pop and on to Africa. Trio Ivoire is a team-up of two German improvisers with a sound-poet, Aly Keita, from the Ivory Coast.

As always the festival, with the theme “The Sound of Surprise”, combines various traditional and progressive styles of jazz and favours large bands and ensembles.

Concerts take place along what is called the mile of jazz from the Haus der Berliner Festspiel to the Quasimodo Jazz /club including the Berliner Jazz Institute.

Jazz and poetry, as well as jazz for children, are featured in this year’s festival.

For full programme see festival website.