Japanese prints

The Prado Museum displays 26 previously unpublished Japanese prints dating from the 18th to 19th century.

The prints are exhibited in chronological order and comprise all the techniques and themes associated with the time, such as rural scenes, landscapes, portraits and battle scenes.

The origins of this collection date from 1936, when a director of the former National Museum of Modern Art in Madrid – which closed in 1971 and its collection merged with the Prado – purchased 20 prints following a Japanese art exhibition at the gallery.

The prints are displayed once more, on the occasion of the Spain-Japan dual year.

Tues-Sun 09.00-20.00.

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Address Prado Museum, P. del Prado, tel. +34913302800

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Japanese prints

Prado Museum, P. del Prado, tel. +34913302800