14 April - 8 June 2009. A wonderful idea has been introduced to Denmark by the country's Royal Library. A platform for literature has been created in The Black Diamond, a prestigious institution affiliated to the library, whereby topical Danish and famous foreign writers can meet in front of an audience, engage in critical dialogue and then inform the audience about their latest work.

Invited writers include such controversial figures as Germany's Gunter Grass and Indian Salman Rushdie. Also present will be Per Olov Enquist (Sweden) Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Siegfried Lens, Juli Zeh (Germany) and Jan Kjaerstad (Norway). For full timetable see: www.kb.dk/da/dia/forfatterscene/index.html

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International Author's Stage.

Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1. Tel +45 3347 4747