7 May 2008-31 Oct 2008. In Leeuwarden, a modern city in the North of Holland, the Zaailand, the main square and one of the largest in Holland was occupied by gigantic fried eggs, sunny-side up egg sculptures. The author of this strange invasion is Henk Hofstra, a Dutch artist, already known for his earlier work entitled Urban River, in which he painted a 1000 meter long street in Amsterdam in blue as a form of protest against disappearing canals, which are slowly substituted by cement. The title of his new environmental art project is Art- Eggcident. The largest eggs, about 100 feet wide, are flat, while the smaller ones have a three-dimensional yolk and are able to take the weight of the kids.

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Address Zaailand Square, Leeuwarden.

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Fried art in Leeuwarden.

Zaailand Square, Leeuwarden.