European Art 1300-1800

The National Gallery of Denmark displays 500 years of art from Mediaeval times to the Age of the Enlightenment, incorporating western art's most important periods and styles along the way.

On show are more than 450 works including masterpieces by diverse artistic genuises from over the five centuries, such as Mantegna, Titian, El Greco, Jordaens, Bernini, Cranach, Rubens and Rembrandt.

The exhibition is arranged in order of chronology and country of origin, with three different itineraries focusing on contributions by Italian, Dutch, Flemish, French, Spanish and German artists.

The gallery's collection of older European art is Denmark's oldest art collection. Its origins can be traced back to the private collections of the Danish kings who collected the paintings from the early 16th century until the abolishment of absolute monarchy in 1848.

Tues-Sun 10.00-17.00, Wed 10.00-20.00

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Address Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48, tel. +4533748494.

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European Art 1300-1800

Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48, tel. +4533748494.