Erwin Blumenfeld (1897-1969)

The work of German-born photographer Erwin Blumenfeld is the subject of an exhibition at Jeu de Paume.

After escaping concentration camps in France during the Vichy regime, Blumenfeld and his family fled to New York in 1941. It was here that the photographer shot to fame over the next two decades, working for magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, and becoming known for his unconvential and expressive style.

In 1958 he was one of the first to photograph a black model, while his experimental approach to light, glass and mirrors made his photography instantly recognisable.

The 200 works on display are divided into various themes from fashion to nudes to photomontages and drawings.

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Address Jeu de Paume, 1 place de la Concorde, tel +33(0)147031250.

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Erwin Blumenfeld (1897-1969)

Jeu de Paume, 1 place de la Concorde, tel +33(0)147031250.