21 Sept-1 Oct 2006. Opening with the world premiere of Lars von Triers latest film The Boss of It All, the fourth edition of Copenhagens 100% European film festival also features a full day of the best in German cinema 2005-2006. Held in a dozen cinemas around the Danish capital, including the Dagmar Teatret, the Palads, the Grand and the Empire, the festival also offers master-classes with directors Stephen Frears and Goran Paskaljevic, cinematographer Robby Mller and actress Ghita Nrby. The work of great Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer (1889-1968) is celebrated with a seminar and the screenings of his films The President, Once upon a Time, Thou Shalt Honour Thy Wife and Gertrud (in Danish with English subtitles). This year sees the institution of the Alice Award for best female director, with nominations including Isabel Coixet for The Secret Life of Words, Cristina Comencini for Dont Tell, Djamila Sahraoui for Barakat! and gnes Kocsis for Fresh Air. The Golden Swan is awarded for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Script and Best Cinematography. English is the official language of the festival. All non-English language films will be screened with English subtitles. Master-classes and seminars Dkk100-Dkk70. Admission Dkk70 6-ticket discount Dkk360 Festival pass Dkk595. For times, venues and screenings see website.

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Copenhagen International Film Festival 2006.

Tel. +45 3345 4749 info@copenhagenfilmfestival.com