Celts: Art and Identity

This wide-ranging exhibition goes far beyond the traditional misty view of the Celts as a ragtag group of tribes known for their rebellious nature and their torcs, shields and harps.

The British Museum examines 2,500 years of culture, from the first recorded mention of Celts, to the contemporary influences of Celtic culture on Britain, Ireland and the global Celtic diaspora.

It traces the Celts' cultural connections across Europe and also examines how Celtic identity was revived over the centuries, notably as a tool for Irish nationalism at the end of the 19th century.

The exhibition features bejewelled weapons, manuscripts and crosses, offset by modern references such as Boston Celtic jerseys and images of Belfast murals.


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Address British Museum, Great Russell Street, tel. +44 (0)207323 829.

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Celts: Art and Identity

British Museum, Great Russell Street, tel. +44 (0)207323 829.