? I96I: Founding the Expanded Arts

The Reina Sofia presents detailed analysis of the artistic breakthroughs of 1961, a crucial year when the notion of composition expanded to include radical new departures and dialogue within the arts.

The exhibition examines the origins of the change, experimentation and collective actions that led to a new multidiscplinary era in which many sections of the arts and media were reinvented, with a particular influence coming from the rapid developments in the sphere of musical composition.

Pioneers such as the avant-garde American composer John Cage were to the forefront in ushering in collaborative acts between composers, poets, choreographers and artists, all of which began to gain steam in 1961.

From a geographical perspective the exhibition highlights the artistic advances that year in key cities such as San Francisco and New York in the US, and Cologne and Darmstadt in Germany.

Mon-Sat 10.00-21.00, Sun 10.00-14.30

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Address Reina Sofía Museum (MNCARS), C/ Santa Isabel 52, tel. +34917741000.

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? I96I: Founding the Expanded Arts

Reina Sofía Museum (MNCARS), C/ Santa Isabel 52, tel. +34917741000.