Bertrand Lavier

26 Sept-7 Jan 2013. Since the 1970s, French artist Bertrand Lavier has tested people's perception of art by painting or stacking random objects and presenting them as artworks, as well as producing "industrial paintings".

The Centre Pompidou celebrates the ground-breaking artist with a retrospective exhibition that invites visitors "to let go of their certainties", according to the show's curator Michel Gauthier.

The exhibited 50 works, which are arranged thematically rather then chronologically, include a crashed Alfa Romeo sports car, whitewashed shop windows and upholstery fabrics.

11.00-21.00. Tues closed.

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Address Centre Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou, tel. +33(0)144781233.

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Bertrand Lavier

Centre Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou, tel. +33(0)144781233.