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Amsterdam What's on

Alexander's Legacy: Greeks in Egypt

17 September - 20 March 2011. To coincide with the Hermitage museum's exhibition on Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) the Allard Pierson Museum presents Alexander's Legacy: Greeks in Egypt. The exhibit...
Vienna What's on

Vienna Ice Dream 2011

20 January - 6 March 2011. The City Hall Square has been transformed into a 6,000 sqm outdoor ice skating rink called the Vienna Ice Dream. The illuminated fa
Dublin What's on

Literary Workshops

Join us in Abruzzo, Italy for one of our workshops. Visit our site.
Dublin What's on

Literary Abruzzo

Join us for a guided study of the work and life of Ignazio Silone near his birthplace, Pescina.
Oxford What's on

Shelley’s Ghost: Reshaping the Image of a Literary Family

3 December-27 March 2011. This major exhibition at the Bodleian Library is dedicated to one of the best known literary families in Britain: the Shelleys. The exhibition focuses on Percy Bysshe She...
Copenhagen What's on

Winter events at the Black Diamond

30 November - 1 February 2011. An extension of Denmark's Royal Library, the Black Diamond offers a range of cultural events throughout the winter, including classical concerts, exhibitions and lecture...
Berlin What's on

Berlin Event-Terry Burrus Jan,6/11

Terry Burrus celebrates his Birthday with a concert at Badenscher Hof January 6, with his group the Jazz Commissioners.
Dublin What's on

The Moderns

20 October - 3 April 2011. The Moderns is an extensive and far-reaching exhibition which explores the development of visual arts in Ireland from 1900 to 1975. Largely comprising work from IMMA's o...
London What's on

Treasures from Budapest: European Masterpieces from Leonardo to Schiele

25 September - 12 December. Comprising over 200 works including paintings, drawings and sculpture from the early Renaissance to the 20th century, the Royal Academy of Arts presents a selection of mast...
London What's on


30 September 2010 - 16 January 2011. The Tate Modern presents an exhibition dedicated to the post impressionist Paul Gauguin, including paintings and drawings from around the world. Many of the Fr...
Brussels What's on

A century of Abstract Art

17 September - 16 January 2011. On the centenary of Europe's twentieth-century art movement Abstraction, this exhibition celebrates Belgium's considerable contribution to the genre. Dedicated to the g...
Oxford What's on

Japanese Ghosts and Demons: Ukiyo-e prints from the Ashmolean

29 September - 27 February 2011. Designed to coincide with Hallowe'en, the Ashmolean presents an exhibition of 19th-century Japanese woodblock prints from its own collection, focusing on the work of r...
Brussels What's on

Another Morocco

9 September - 17 October 2010. As part of the Design September festival, the subtitle of the exhibition Another Morocco is 'When design combines with sustainable development'. The production of tradit...
London What's on

Jess Flood-Paddock: Gangsta's Paradise

4 August - 19 September 2010. Born in 1977, British artist Jess Flood-Paddock presents her work for the first time at a major institution. Taking her inspiration from the title of US rapper Coolio's19...
Barcelona What's on

Impressions and Comments: Portuguese Contemporary Photography

8 June - 18 September 2010. Comprising work from two of Portugal's most important banks of photography, the Banco Espirito Santo and Funda
Madrid What's on

New Realisms: 1957 - 1962

15 June - 4 October 2010. Although Pop Art is predominantly associated with the United States where its name is synonymous with artists such as Andy Warhol, the movement actually has its roots in 1950...
London What's on

Peter Rabbit: the tale of The Tale

3 July 2010 - 8 January 2011. In an illustrated letter to Noel Moore, the five year old son of her friend, Beatrix Potter conceived the story of Peter Rabbit on 4 September 1893. Characters such a...
Jersey What's on

Le Petit Greek Cafe, St Helier, Jersey

RESTAURANT REVIEW. There are two things going for this unpretentious but excellent caf
London What's on

Quilts: 1700 - 2010

20 March - 4 July 2010. Promoting a resurgence in textile artwork, this exhibition presents 65 quilts which illustrate 300 years of British quilt-making. Often perceived as a hobby for 'ladies of...
Berlin What's on

Walton Ford: Bestiarium

23 January - 24 May 2010. The subject matter chosen by American artist Walton Ford is a disconcerting mix of meticulously painted animals and birds combined with surreal, disturbing themes. Described...


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