9 - 13 June 2009. Written in 1946, 'An Inspector Calls' is J.B. Priestly's most well known play. The plot centres around an otherwise happy dinner party at the Birling family home, which is shattered by the unexpected arrival of a policeman who announces his investigation into the death of a young woman. The policeman's character has been described by some as a vehicle for Priestly's fondness of socialism, something which later led Priestly to be named in George Orwell's infamous list for the British Foreign Office of people with suspected communist leanings. Over the years this play has been seen by thousands of audiences worldwide and won more awards than any other play in history.

This production is directed by Stephen Daldry who is lauded for having directed such critically acclaimed and diverse films as The Reader, The Hours and Billy Elliot.


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Address Oxford Playhouse, Oxford OX1 2LW. Tel: (+44) 01865 305305

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'An Inspector Calls' at The Oxford Playhouse

Oxford Playhouse, Oxford OX1 2LW. Tel: (+44) 01865 305305