Royal Teenager Christian of Denmark is Covid-19 positive

The 15-year-old boy is the first royal teenager in Europe to be infected. 

It happened at school, where a small outbreak was detected. In solitary confinement, his condition is not particularly serious.

Following Prince Charles of England and Prince Albert of Monaco, Christian of Denmark also tested positive for covid-19, giving him the unfortunate status of being the first underage royalty to contract the virus. Christian, in fact, just turned 15 in October.

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The son of Prince Frederik and his wife Mary Donaldson contracted the Coronavurus at the Tranegårdskolen school in Hellerup, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, as stated in the press release issued by the Royal Palace.

After a number of cases were verified at the institution, the boy was also subjected to testing, which revealed the infection.  Christian is in solitary confinement, as is the rest of the family, at Frederik VIII Palace, although it has been reported that he has not come into contact with anyone.

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Christian is positive but without significant symptoms.  The boy is Crown Prince Frederik's eldest son and has three younger sinblings: Isabella, 13 years old, and twins Vincent and Josephine, 9 years old.  They all attend the same school, although the future looks decidedly different. 

Christian will one day be king, as his name says (the Danish royal family alternates the names of the crown princes, which are always Frederick or Christian), but unlike other future kings and sovereigns he has not yet started "studying for when he grows up”.

The school is public, without any special extra training, and engagements, for the moment, are limited to official photos published on birthdays, vacations and other anniversaries.  The only "debut" of the Count of Mompezat, his official title, was in 2008, for the inauguration of a zoo.  Grandmother Margrethe, after all, is still firmly on the throne at the age of 80, and her son Frederik is just 52 years old. There is time to learn how to be a king (luckily).