Two new arrivals at Dublin Zoo have recently presented their credentials to the public. The monkeys, a white-crowned mangabey and a sulawesi crested macaque, were born in the zoo in April. Both animals belong to a rare species of monkey: the mangabey from the jungles of Ghana and the macaque from Indonesia.

Due to deforestation, both species continue to experience a sharp fall in numbers in the wild, making the Dublin births all the more significant. However it isn't the first time that a macaque has been born in Ireland; the father, Sumo, is responsible for at least two previous arrivals. The youngsters, who have yet to be named, are beginning to approach the perimeters of their surroundings to the delight of visitors.

The 'Zoological Gardens' first opened its doors in 1831 and featured 46 mammals and 72 birds donated by London Zoo; it now houses 650 animals and birds from all over the world. The zoo's most famous resident remains a lion called Cairbre. Born in 1927, Cairbre is known to hundreds of millions of people as the mascot for MGM film studios.