The 2011 census of Jersey will be held on 27 March , the same day as the census in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Jersey census is run independently, by the States Statistics Unit, on behalf of the government.

Islanders can expect, in the few weeks running up to census day, that each household will be visited by a census officer, who will deliver a census form, and make contact with the household, where possible, to answer any questions.

The household must complete the form, providing details of all those who were usually resident along with any visitors at the household on census night, and then send the form in a pre-paid envelope back to the census office.

The census, which is compulsory, will create up to 200 temporary jobs for a three-week period starting 3 March for training.

People who are out of the island on census day still need to complete the form and mail it back to the census office as soon as they return.