Drivers can now buy an ecologically sound fuel suitable for diesel engines from a newly opened forecourt on the N20 in Ballyhea, North Cork. The fuel, known as PPO Bio-fuel pure plant oil is made from Irish grown rape seed and, at 89.5 cents a litre, costs around 20 cents less than diesel. The oil is produced by Eilish Oils in Wicklow, which, along with other companies supplying PPO, has been exempt from excise duty as part of a two-year pilot project. Some government vehicles, including those used by the parks and wildlife service, are already running on PPO on an experimental basis. Diesel engines have to undergo a 1,600 make-over in order to use the new fuel. So far business at the PPO pump has been slow, but Ballyhea fuel station is confident that making an environmentally friendly alternative available is the first step toward changing peoples habits.