Greek aspiring engineer builds bicycle with washing machine engine

The Spin Cycle. This is the name of the bizarre creation of an enthusiast in Greece who mounted a washing machine on the frame of his bike.

Reddit user Jimmienecraftguy explained that he dismantled his old washing machine in order to reuse the 1,100 watt motor. Just for reference, most e-bikes have an power engine that is a couple hundred watts at the most.

Needless to say, the unusual vehicle has sparked enthusiasm and curiosity in other Redditers. "I love projects like this!" one user wrote. "This is the most stupid and brilliant design ever," echoed another. "It looks like a time machine," a third redditer noted.

However, Jimminecraftguy has revealed that the work is not yet finished. Having already "burned" two lead-acid batteries, he wants to change the power circuit.

The “Spin Cycle” has an estimated top speed of 150 Km/h, even though his inventor has limited it to a max of 65 km/h stating that “he does not want to die soon”.