Four Irishmen buy a plane ticket just to have a beer at the airport

In Ireland beer lovers haven’t been discouraged by the general lockdown that has closed pubs and restaurants in the country. 

Since the ban doesn’t mention airport bars, four friends bought tickets to London at € 9.99, entered the airport area, passed security controls, sat in a pub and drank cold beers as if nothing had happened. Then they left the boarding area and went home.

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There is nothing illegal about it, but since the four of them promoted their stunt on Facebook, the question now is whether people will follow their example. That could be a big problem as the police said in a statement that their hands are tied: "We can't do anything about it". In fact, there is a regulatory loophole, that still allows meals and alcohol consumption in airports.

All relies on the common sense of citizens and in the hope that these behaviours do not become too common. Especially as the lockdown in Ireland, the first to be approved in Europe last October to deal with the second wave of covid-19, is reducing the spread of the pandemic. The number of contagions has dropped significantly for time being and the number of deaths, so far, has never reached the March peaks.