An inner-city area of Dublin is to be regenerated. Located on the south-side of the city, the area is parallel to the Grand Canal in the Portobello district.

The regeneration scheme involves the demolition of almost 200 flats built between the mid-1940s and late-1950s on a five-acre site between Charlemont St and Tom Kelly Road, and includes the site of a previously demolished set of flats.

The project is the first of its kind to be built in Dublin through public-private partnership (PPP) since the country's property collapse two years ago. Although the developers, who have been named as Alcove, are working in conjunction with Dublin City Council, they are still subject to the planning permission process, but it is envisaged that this will be granted.

The five planned blocks, some up to eight floors high, will include 260 apartments. Of these, 139 will be social housing units, 16 will be offered under the affordable housing scheme and the remaining 105 will be private apartments. Plans have also been drawn up for shops, a sports centre and a multi-screen cinema as part of the development. Given its central location in the business quarter, the 20,000 sqm of office space is certain to attract interest.

Meanwhile, perhaps Dublin's trendiest affordable housing has recently gone on the market in the hard-hit Docklands area of the city. The 21 luxury apartments, all with knock-down prices, are situated between the second and seventh floors in the exclusive Grand Canal Square. However with 3,000 people currently on the council's list, it will be a case of luxury for the lucky few.