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Oxford What's on

Royalty and Religion: Photographs of Late Nineteenth-Century Thailand

The Pitt Rivers Museum displays 12 albumen prints taken in the late 19th century in Siam (modern-day Thailand). The images depict royal buildings, religious sites and streets in the capital Bangko...
Copenhagen What's on

Shipwreck: The Coin Hoard of the Six Emperors

12 Oct-24 Feb. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek presents a huge hoard of ancient Roman coins discovered by divers off south-east Sicily after a storm in 1991. Dating from the latter half of the third century...
Oxford What's on

Atmospheres: Investigating the Weather from Aristotle to Ozone

20 Nov-7 April. The Museum of the History of Science presents an exhibition that charts the history of meteorology and man's quest to predict the weather accurately. On show are archival documents...
Berlin What's on

Art in Berlin 1880-1980: Presentation of the Collection

The Berlinische Galerie presents its newly-configured collection of art produced in Berlin since 1870. From now on, the works in the gallery's internationally-acclaimed collection will be displayed ch...
London What's on


15 September – 9 December. The Royal Academy of Arts presents an ambitious exhibition that celebrates the historical, geographical and stylistic range of bronze. The works on show...
Barcelona What's on

Le Corbusier and Jean Genet in the Raval

07 June - 21 October. The Museum of Contemporary Art examines how Barcelona was viewed in the 1930s by two prominent members of the international artistic community of the day: pioneering Swiss arch...
Paris What's on

The Ladies of the Trianon

3 July - 14 October. The Palace of Versailles presents a series of portraits of famous and lesser-known women associated with the Grand Trianon, the country retreat of the French king. Three cen...
Oxford What's on

The Renaissance in Astronomy

Until 9 September. The Museum of the History of Science examines the developments in astronomical observation during Renaissance times which led to the revelation by Copernicus that the earth is in...


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