EdTech Barcelona boosts discussion on educational games

EdTech Barcelona, an open social group created for Technology and Education enthusiasts, is expanding its activity among teachers, entrepreneurs and developers of Barcelona.

The third social forum, organized and hosted by TutoTOONS Co-Founder Damien Bruneu, was held on Tuesday 27 August. The aim of the event was to discuss opportunities and problems of educational games for kids, by taking the case of TutoTOONS as an example.

Participants discussed the general situation of educational games for kids, teacher’s role in creating an educational content and the ways to motivate a kid to learn while playing. They also had a chance to try a new beta version of TutoTOONS, the cloud-based platform for teachers to create easy games for any type of lesson. “All of us agree that the way to educate kids has to be improved and the technology is a huge opportunity."

However, opinion of developers and teachers is not always facing the same points. Therefore our goal is to find the issues, where the most improvements are needed, so we can suggest a valuable solution.

The vision of this event is to discover these issues and to encourage a dialogue between teacher and technician. The vision is to create a background for more reasonable educational technologies and to engage entrepreneurs to use this opportunity .” said Damien Bruneu.

Next week EdTech Barcelona is organizing the event “Meaningful learning from Denmark”, where Nicolai Seest and Louise Hvid Jensen will be presenting the situation of creative education in Denmark. The goal of Copenhagen based men is to create a global model of more meaningful school while discovering and stimulating real competences of teachers.

The event takes place on 3 September (Tuesday), 19.00 at Clos Montblanc Espai Bcn (c/ Pau clarís 169). Online registration is required. For more information and registration

About EdTech Barcelona group:

Education of the new generation is the most sustainable way to impact our future quality of life. This group is for people motivated to improve the young kids' education while using innovative methods and technologies. We want to implicate teacher together with expert in psychology, pedagogy, technology, design, creative people and entrepreneurs living in Barcelona. Join the group and come to help us updating the education tools for our teachers and kids.

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