The rollout of a Covid-19 vaccine this December now likely

Recent comments by BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin to AFP news agency raises hopes of a vaccine before Christmas. 

The hope of widespread distribution of the vaccine in the European Union before the year’s end is now a possibility. Germany’s BioNTech laboratory began work with US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer on the development of a Covid-19 vaccine earlier in the pandemic and only recently hit a breakthrough. Ugur Sahin told the AP news agency of the potential of their virus to be distributed within the EU and the United States in a year. An authorization request is due to be filed at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday. According to Pfizer the new test results reveal a 95% effective rate which is safe for users and safeguards the elderly who are at the highest vulnerability. 

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On Wednesday, Pfizer revealed that its virus has a 95% efficacy. This is the latest data seeking emergency approval of its limited shot supplies. The announcement comes a week after successful preliminary results. Companies have begun ‘rolling submissions” with European regulators across the UK, Europe, and Canada. Pfizer and BioNTech have estimated the vaccine has a 90% effectiveness after counting early infections during the late-stage testing. 

Pfizer-BioNTech alongside US firm Moderna has led the search for a vaccine. The American pharmaceutical maker announced a 94.5% effective vaccine, where the EU has expressed interest in purchasing 160 million doses.

Dr. Sahin revealed that 30 countries were in talks to acquire the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. They will rely on international partners like the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the widespread distribution of the vaccine globally. The European Union has expressed interest in joining the COVAX mechanism - a body aiming to offer global and fair access to coronavirus vaccines. 

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Pfizer and Modena use technology outside medical research to introduce viral genetic materials into the body while pumping genetic material into the body. This prompts a direct response from the body’s immune system. This is different from older methods where dead or weakened versions of an actual virus are introduced into the body.

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