Queen Elizabeth II knights war veteran Tom Moore

On 17 July, Queen Elizabeth II, 94 years old, knighted war veteran Tom Moore, who turned 100 last April and became a national hero during the pandemic.

The knighthood came after Captain Moore managed to raise a record £33 million during the covid-19 emergency for the NHS, the British National Health Service. 

To reach his goal, CPT Moore had promised to do 100 laps around his backyard, with only the help of his walker, before he turned 100. 

The fund raising, initially created to raise the sum of 1.000 pounds, was incredibly more successful than expected, reaching the amount of 33 million pounds.

Accompanied by his family, Captain Moore was received by the Queen herself: "I am honoured by the decoration and the meeting with Her Majesty. This is the most special day for me." 

"A very pleasant ceremony," the Sovereign commented. Veteran Tom was enthusiastic about the honour received: "This is such an important recognition, and I even received it from the Queen. What more could I want? It was an absolutely magnificent day," he concluded after the investiture. "Meeting the Queen was most unexpected, I never imagined I would get so close to her.