London bus strike

London bus drivers went on a 24-hour strike on 22 June in protest about the lack of an agreement over payment of a bonus during the Olympic Games, which start on 27 July. The union is asking for a £500 bonus for drivers.

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, announced that money was available to top up the £8.3 million fund available for bonus pay but the offer did not manage to stop the strike, called by the union Unite, which covers 20 bus companies in London.

Bus owners of three of the companies involved – Arriva, Metroline and London General – were granted a court injunction to prevent Unite members going on strike but this was not able to avert the walk-out going ahead at the other 17 companies.

It is estimated that only 24 per cent of services were running during the day.

The strike is said to be the biggest in London for three decades. The union is threatening further strikes before and during the Olympics.