Local German man runs over people in the streets of Trier

A local man with no terrorist background, religious or political motive injures 15 in a gruesome rampage in Trier.

Five people lost their lives after a man sped his SUV through a pedestrian zone in the German city of Trier. A 9-week old child whose mother is also hospitalized nursing with serious wounds also passed away. Over a dozen people ended up seriously injured one of whom is the baby’s 45-year old father - a tragic outcome for an innocent family going about their daily business. 

Three other women lost their lives, all of who were residents of Trier. Five people remain hospitalized in critical condition while six others are recuperating from less serious injuries.

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Authorities give the main suspect’s age at 51 and he does not have any prior police record or background influenced by extremism. As soon as the first call was made to the police, he was arrested and the vehicle seized. No motive for the killing s has been determined. The name of the suspect has not been made public according to German privacy laws. Reports indicate that the man has no fixed address and seems to be living off an SUV of a friend. This was the same SUV used during the attack. 

Further reports indicate that the suspect was intoxicated with alcohol way above the legal limit. 

Based on official reports, the incident occurred on Tuesday around 2 pm when police I the nearby city of Luxemburg received reports of a 51-year-old German national who raced on his SUV topping speeds of 70km/h in under an hour, through a narrow stretch of street and went on for a kilometer. A trail of mangled bicycles and cafe furniture lay on the path that he raced his vehicle into innocent civilians. Forensics immediately descended on the scene as police took him in for questioning. 

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Mayor Wolfram Leibe was fighting back tears during a press conference, describing the scene of the incident as “it looks like war.” Local police encouraged people to share information with them rather than social media. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the situation as “harrowing” and sent her condolences to the families. 

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Local German man runs over people in the streets of Trier

Trier, Germany

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