Germany goes into a 'light lockdown'

Germany goes into a “light lockdown”and places restrictions on social life

Germany is one of the European countries to partially shutdown as authorities fight to flatten the rise in coronavirus infections threatening the country’s health systems.

Germany has set restrictions on theaters, bars, gyms, cinemas, restaurants, and other leisure facilities. Shops can stay open provided they maintain strict social distancing. This also applies to schools and daycares. The four-week restrictions partial shutdown will raise the new daily infections to manageable levels and prevent Germany’s healthcare system from being overwhelmed. Germans have been told to limit travel as hotels remain barred from accommodating new tourists. 

The new developments are discouraging given Germany received lots of acclaim for its testing and tracing organization. Now officials are unable to track the source of three-quarters of new covid-19  cases. Over the past two weeks, the number of covid-19 patients in the ICU tripled according to Angela Merkel, the German chancellor. Health Minister Jens Spahn even admitted he could not trace the source of his infection. 

Merkel hoped to limit the new restrictions to November, by using everything within her political power to ensure success. The new round of restrictions dims compared to the one imposed in March and April. At this point, schools, hairdressers, and other non-essential shops will remain open.

Europe unlike the United States has stuck to a scientific approach to the virus. Despite this data-driven model, they are unable to prevent a resurgence in the number of infections. Some argue that Europe should have capitalized on the summer season to drive the cases down to zero as the holiday celebrations are arguably responsible for the new rise.  

Austria and Britain will follow later this week by closing bars, restaurants, and non-essential shops.  Greece, Italy, and Kosovo have also put new measures in place.

With a public weary of strict lockdowns, some places in Europe are experiencing violent protests and outrage over adverse economic impacts. Thus far Europe has recorded over 250,000 deaths relating to the coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University tabulations. Experts argue in favor of the lockdowns however most countries implemented them grudgingly to salvage their damaged economies.  

England’s lockdown is going into effect on Thursday where hairdressers and non-essential shops close for a month. People can only leave home for reasons such as exercise. Travel is highly discouraged. The lockdown is scheduled to end on the 2nd of December 2nd but Minister Michael Gove gave no assurances on the exact date. 

The plan that requires approval from lawmakers is under strict resistance from members of Boris Johnson’s Conservative party who are worried over the economic impact. Nevertheless, the passage is certain due to guaranteed support from the Labour Party. Austria and Portgual too have announced a new set of restrictions.

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