Denmark demolishes dangerous Nazi bunkers

Demolition starts on 120 Nazi world war two bunkers along the west coast of Denmark at the end of July. The first one scheduled for destruction is on Langerhuse beach near Harboore.

The German-built bunkers were part of the sea defences against attack by the British across the North Sea. Now 120 of the 600 concrete and steel fortifications are crumbling and are dangerous.

Local councils along the west coast of Jutland, as well as the environmental ministry and the country’s coastal authority, have agreed to share the demolition cost of 12 million kroner.

The fortifications were part of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall, made up of 8,000 bunkers, as well as artillery batteries and mine fields, that stretched from northern Norway to the French-Spain border.

In some areas, such as the Channel Islands and Belgium the bunkers are still in good condition and have become tourist attractions.