Barcelona to Paris via TGV

Travel by train between Barcelona and Paris has now become 30 minutes faster and without any changes. The time between the two cites in the new TGV launched on 15 December now takes 6 hours 25 minutes.

Once a new high-speed track has been added between Perpignan and Nîmes (not due for several years) the time will be about an hour speedier.

At present there are two services a day but in March two more trains will be added to the daily schedule.

Trains leave Barcelona at 09.20 (arriving 15.30) and 16.20 (arriving 22.45). From Paris (Gare du Lyon) departures are at 07.15 (arriving 13.40) and 14.07 (arriving 20.40). The price of a one way ticket varies from about €85 to €180 depending on date and time.

The costs of flights between the two cities starts at €39 (depending on date and time) and takes about two hours.

About €3.7 million has been invested in the new high-speed rail link to date.