At Helsinki Airport dogs are used to detect covid-19

At Helsinki Airport, in Finland, dogs are used to detect whether people are positive for Coronavirus.

The project is carried out on an experimental basis by the University of the Finnish capital. The test lasts less than a minute and does not require any kind of swabs. The dogs sniff a sample of sweat and, in case of positive result, the passenger is taken to another area of the airport to be swabbed (for free), to confirm or not the indication of the dog. 

According to the University of Helsinki, dogs have been trained to recognize the smell of the virus from sweat or urine samples. In case of positivity they emit a specific sound, whilst in front of a negative sample the dog has no reaction and moves on to the next one. 

Many recently published studies,  French, German and English, confirm this extraordinary ability of our four-legged friends. Several studies show that dogs, if properly trained, are able to diagnose various forms of cancer and now can also smell the coronavirus, even in asymptomatic patients.

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