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Dynasty and Divinity: Ife Art in Ancient Nigeria

18 Sept-13 Dec 2009. Ife is the ancient city state and native land of the Yoruba culture in Nigeria which, in the 15th century, became the capital city of Benin. This exhibition, which is on loan from...
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2 June 2009 - 1 January 2010. Real F
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Camboya, Tierra de Esperanza (Cambodia, Land of Hope)

19 June - 18 October 2009. Cambodia has suffered tremendously for many years due to war and famine. 'Camboya, Tierra de Esperanza' documents the lives of anonymous people whose bravery in the face of...
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100% 20th Century: Collection of Contemporary Fashion

28 May 2009 - 3 January 2010. Over one hundred garments from the last century are displayed in this exhibition, offering a sartorial trip down memory lane. It charts the history of fashion from its be...
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Matthew Buckingham: Time Proxies.

1 July - 27 Sept 2009. American artist Matthew Buckingham presents Time Proxies, his first solo show in Spain. More installation than exhibition, it contains photography and video as well as posters t...
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Henri Matisse (1917-1941) at Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

09 June - 20 September 2009. As the title suggests, this exhibition focuses on the work of French artist Henri Matisse between 1917 and 1941. During these years Matisse moved away from Paris and his w...
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Portraits of New York. Photographs from MoMA.

26 March - 14 June 2009. A colloborative project between La Casa Encendia and New York's Museum of Modern Art entitled "Portraits of New York" offers visitors to Madrid a chance to admire 100 photogr...
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Tarsila do Amaral.

6 Feb-3 May 2009. Tarsila Do Amaral (1886-1973) was the one of the leading lights of the Modernist art movement in Brazil, and the first to use avant-garde pictorial forms in her country. This exhibit...
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Maurice de Vlaminck: Paintings 1900-1915

11 Mar-7 Jun 2009. This exhibition of works by Maurice de Vlaminck (1876-1958) centres on the French painter
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A Window on Prague: Photos from the 1950s.

19 Feb-17 May 2009. The work of Czech photographer Josef Sudek (1896-1976) dedicated entirely to his images of the Czech capital during and after the second world war. Known as
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Aitor Ortiz in Galería Max Estrella.

3 April - 23 May 2009. Aitor Ortiz is a photographic artist from Bilbao who has exhibited extensively worldwide. His latest exhibition combines both new and old work and charts his artistic progress o...
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Francis Bacon at the Prado.

3 Feb-19 April 2009. This extensive retrospective at the Prado presents 78 paintings and archival objets from the oeuvre of one of the 20th-century
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Leandro Erlich. The Tower.

26 Nov 2008-23 Feb 2009. This is the first solo exhibition in Spain dedicated to Argentinian visual artist Leandro Erlich, who presents one of his most ambitious projects. The Tower is a tall building...
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The avant-garde and the Great War exhibition.

7 Oct 2008-11 Jan 2009. The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Fundaci
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The Invention of the 20th Century. Carl Einstein and the Avant-Gards.

12 Nov 2008-16 Feb 2009.This exhibition pays tribute to the art critic and historian Carl Einstein, one of the most important and multifaceted intellectuals of the 20th-century artistic avant-garde. O...
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Saenredam.The West Front of the Sint-Mariakerk in Utrecht.

11 Nov 2008-15 Feb 2009. The22nd exhibition in the Contexts of the Permanent Collection series is dedicated to the Dutch architectural painter Pieter Jansz. Saenredam (1597-1665), one of the leading a...
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Among gods and men.

4 Nov 2008-14 Apr 2009. During the six-month closure of Dresden
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Nancy Spero. Disidanzas.

15 Oct 2008-5 Jan 2009. This major retrospective is dedicated to the American artist Nancy Spero, a radical pioneer of feminist art in terms of creative output and political discourse. On display are...


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