Tuesday, 28 September 2021
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Brandenburg opens World Cup.

Following the cancellation of the opening gala extravaganza planned for the World Cup at the Berlin Olympic stadium, the mayor of Berlin has announced that celebrations will go ahead anyway. The venue...
Berlin News

World Cup safety

A survey published on 10 January by the German consumer watchdog Sifting Warentest claims that the World Cup football stadiums in Berlin, Kaiserslautern, Leipzig, and Gelsenkirchen are substantially u...
Berlin News

Baltic Sea autobahn completed.

After 11 years and 2 billion, the four-lane A20 autobahn from the western German city of Lbeck to Stettin in Poland has finally beeen completed. The 325-km motorway runs parallel to the Baltic Sea and...
Berlin News

Bode Museum officially re-opens.

The new minister for transport, construction and housing, Wolfgang Tiefensee, has officially opened the renovated Bode Museum on Berlins museum island on the Spree river. The opening ceremony offered...
Berlin News

Irish investors eye property.

Some 600 million of Irish capital could be invested in the German capital over the next two years, according to investment fund managers. Residential properties in Berlin in particular are considered...
Berlin News

Germans to get biometric passports.

Biometric passports have already been introduced in the United States and Canada and the member states of the European Union have agreed to use the new system in Europe in an effort to fight terrorism...
Berlin News

Germany to raise retirement age

The new government in Germany is working on plans to take the pressure off the nations pension bills by keeping people in the workforce longer. The labour and social affairs minister and vice-chancell...
Berlin News

Nuclear power nein danke.

A recent poll by the Enmid institute has found that 70 per cent of Germans want to end dependence on nuclear energy in their country. However given current prices, fossil fuels are not seen as a viabl...
Berlin News

From parilament to hotel

To a chorus of protest, the German government has disclosed the results of a feasibility study to tear down the former Palace of the Republic in East Berlin. In its place, the government plans to rebu...
Berlin News

German as a second language

The Eberhard Klein school in the down-market Kreuzberg district of Berlin has recently gained a certain degree of celebrity since the last four German pupils left it has become Germanys only state sc...
Berlin News

A virtual walk along the wall.

There is little left of the famous wall that once separated East and West Berlin. Since its celebrated fall in 1989, most of it has been pulled down, souvenired or sold off, and visiting tourists have...


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