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    06/10/2014 - City
    Ahead of next year’s international conference on pedestrian traffic, Walk 21, to be held in Vienna in October 2015 the city has installed it first map (or so-called informati...
  • Vienna news
    31/07/2014 - City
    Vienna has once again installed large mobile drinking fountains throughout the city. They are connected to the Spring Water Main, which dates back to 1873 and still provides about ...
  • Vienna news
    15/06/2008 - Sport
    A giant football fan-zone has been created from the Rathausplatz all the way down the Ring Boulevard to Heldenplatz for the duration of the European football championships EURO 200...
  • Vienna news
    18/05/2008 - Environment
    Two workshops in Vienna have begun turning garbage into valuable designer items which are now on sale in the...

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  • Vienna whatson
    19/06/2017 -
    19 May-4 Sept. The Leopold Museum presents the largest retrospective to date dedicated to important Austrian sculptor Joannis Avramidis (1922–2016), one year after the artist’s...
  • Vienna whatson
    15/03/2017 - Exhibitions
    25 Jan-25 April. The Albertina displays 70 painted drawings and ink studies from France’s Baroque and Rococo periods. The exhibition includes works, all from the Albertina co...
  • Vienna whatson
    13/02/2017 - Exhibitions
    22 Feb-18 June. The Albertina marks the upcoming 100th anniversary of the death of Austrian painter Egon Schiele (1890-1918) with an exhibition of his work whose raw sexuality shoc...


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